Detailed Roof Surveys Carried Out by Experts

Roofing Professionals with A Wealth of Experience in Roofing and Construction

Depend on our roofing experts to carry out a detailed survey on the roof of your property. With a wealth of experience in locating leaks and water penetrations in mastic asphalt, felt, single ply, lead, slate, and metal profile systems, we provide you an unparalleled service. 

Roof Surveys UK was set up by our director, Andy State a time served indentured apprentice in the craft of mastic asphalt felt roofing, and experience in all aspects of roofing since 1967. He has worked on all types of roofing and construction including MOD works, schools, housing associations and even Buckingham Palace estate! Andy has owned and operated his own company for more than 40 years, and in that time, he has worked with many so-called roofing consultants who have shown little or no knowledge of the roofing industry. In fact, most of the supposed roofing consultants relied on Andy’s expert opinion to find solutions to the problems. He then decided to share the knowledge he had acquired throughout his 50-years of experience in roofing by founding Roof Surveys UK.

Our Previous Work

We have carried out thousands of rook leak investigations on schools, factories, office buildings, shops, car parks, commercial and residential properties.

A Reliable Roof Consultancy Service

At Roof Surveys UK, we are totally independent of any roof manufacturers, and we have no links with suppliers. You always receive a detailed and unbiased condition survey for your roof, carpark, or basement with our abundance of experience in water proofing and leak detection. We use traditional and modern technology to get the cause of your water proofing problems.

Contact our experts in Kent, London & South East, to organise your roof survey.