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Roof Maintenance Programmes

Having a roof maintenance

programme is an essential part of prolonging the life of your roof.

Your roof is subject to constant
ware from the sun’s rays, rain, wind and snow, no matter what type of roof you
have it will not last forever.

Having a roof maintenance
programme gives you the benefits of avoiding leaks and extending the life of
your roof. It may also lower your
insurance premiums. Your roof is the
most important part of your property, it protects you and your assets. If it is your place of work, roof leaks can
disrupt production, make work areas dangerous and could cost thousands of
pounds in loss of production. The
problem with most building owners is that the roof is forgotten until it leaks!

A roof needs to be maintained

(i.e. like a car, if you do not service it, it will brake down!). If your roof is over 10 years old we would
advise that you have a yearly roof condition survey carried out, to find any
potential problem areas. You could get your
local roofing contractor to come round, but be warned, they will be looking to
make work for their company.

Most roofing contractors will
quote for the areas of roof that will make them the most profit in the quickest
time. I have worked on contracts, where
the contractor has not informed the client of dangerous areas that needed to be
replaced, because it meant that their operatives would be on site for a longer
period of time and this type of work is time consuming with low profit. One contract I worked on, had two chimney
stacks that were splitting apart (see photo).
If these had fallen, that would have meant about two ton of brick work,
falling into the property and possibly injuring or even killing the
occupants. (I had to inform the landlord
of this). When you have a manufacturers
consultant (Rep) attending your property, they will almost always advise you to
have your roof renewed and sell you their premier range of materials. (As it is their job to sell these products).

Most roofs can give you many more
years of leak free life, by having a roof maintenance programme in place. An independent roof consultant will only
advise you of what needs to be repaired or replaced. They are not looking to make work and there
is no financial gain for them to replace areas of roof that do not have issues,
they will advise what work needs to be carried out to keep your roof in a leak
free condition.

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