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Do you trust your building surveyor to inspect the roof of the property you are purchasing? Problems in a roof cannot be detected by looking at it from the ground level, and therefore a roofing consultant is required to properly assess it. To find out more about our roof condition surveys, please contact our team in Kent, London & South East.

Identifying Roof Problems

Many people appoint a building surveyor to carry out an inspection and identify any problems within the property’s structure. However, to fully assess the roof, the surveyor needs to enter the loft space. Most surveyors do not do this and prefer to assess the roof from the ground, or they may assess the roof from the loft ladder. Taking this into consideration, we believe that when a roof consultant climbs onto the roof with a camera to conduct the inspection, a more detailed report is provided

Yearly Roofing Condition Surveys

Throughout our experience in roofing, we have noticed that many people do not attend to their roof until it leaks. We cannot express enough how important a condition survey is to properly maintain a roof. If you don’t service your car, problems start to occur, and the same principle applies to roofs. If your roof is more than 10-years old, we recommend that a yearly roof condition survey is carried out to detect any potential problem areas.

Reliable Roofing Consultants

You may choose a roofing contractor to assess your roof, but their main concern is how to generate work for their company. It is most likely that the contractor will quote for the areas of the roof that have the potential to make them the most money. Independent roofing contractors do not look for ways to make money by saying what needs to be replaced or repaired. There is no financial gain for us by saying you need to replace an area of your roof that is not leaking. Instead, we advise you about what work needs to be carried out to keep your roof in a leak free condition. 

Many members of our team have worked on contracts where the customer has not been informed about the dangerous areas in their roof that need replacing. The reason for this is because the operatives would need to be on the site for a longer period as this type of work is time consuming and low profit. 

One contract that our owner worked on had two chimney stacks that were splitting apart. If they did split, ( see picture ) approximately two ton of bricks work would have crushed the property, and the occupants could have been killed. Our owner ensured he informed the landlord about the potential danger the chimney imposed. Remember, when you have a manufacturers consultant (rep) attending your property, their job is to sell products that you may not need, and they also encourage you to have your roof renewed. 

Trust our team at Roof Surveys UK to undertake a roof condition survey on your property. 

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