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Prevent corrosion from occurring in your roof or cladding by organising a roof inspection with our team. Many commercial properties in the UK have metal profile roofing and cladding, these materials are prone to corrosion. To check whether your property is one of the many buildings with cut edge corrosion, contact our team in Kent, London & South East, regarding a roof inspection.

Metal Profile Roofing and Cladding

It is believed that more than 50% of commercial buildings in the UK and Europe have cut edge corrosion. Cut edge corrosion is a fault that starts at the manufacturing process. When the sheets are cut to size, the cut edge is open to the elements and rust starts to take place as the rust starts to eat into the sheets the protective coating starts to delaminate. 

If not treated, this can cause the sheets to weaken and leak. In severe cases, the entire roof may need to be replace. This will cause disruption on site, lost production and could cost £50,000 or more. Having regular maintenance would not cause disruption. It is vital to carry out regular condition surveys of the roof and cladding to halt any corrosion.

Contact our roofing consultants in Kent, London & South East, when your property has a metal roof and requires a roof inspection.