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Installing solar panels or a green roof in your property without conducting a roof condition survey can be a costly error. Prevent undue cost and stress by planning ahead and organise a survey with one of our friendly team in Kent, London & South East, as soon as possible.

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Does Your Roof Have a Guarantee?

You may believe everything on your roof is guaranteed, however, if you have employed a company to install your solar panels or green roof, but they have not installed the roof membrane, your guarantee may be voided. The same applies when you have fitted the solar panels or green roof yourself.

The Importance of a Roof Survey When Installing Solar Panels

When you flat roof is more than 10-years old, problems start to occur, and it may be necessary to replace the roof. If you carry out a repair on your flat roof before fitting a green roof or solar panels, the repair costs are between £200 to £400. However, if the repairs are not completed and the roof and panels are fitted, the cost will be approximately £1500.00 to £2000.00 plus the repair cost. Scaffolding is also needed to carry out the installation. The solar panels will also need be dismantled and stored.

After this, the roofing contractor carries out the relevant work, and assesses the leak a few weeks later. If the leak has cleared, the panels can then be replaced and the scaffolding taken down. In the extra time and money, it has taken to repair your roof and refit the solar panels, one of our consultants could have carried out a roof condition survey. Don’t delay, contact us to arrange your survey today.

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